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Main » 2011 » January » 29 » NEWS !

Hey all,

i played Quake Live last week more often than the last 2 months and a lot of people asked me what happened to the Endless.Clan.
I will tell u what is going on and what has changed in the last two months.

First of all Oxyd/Sonic/Kilvio stopped playing openarena and and is now playing Quake Live in OG4L, our clan in Quake Live.
The same happend to most of our players in Endless Clan. Most of them stopped playing OA and are now playing Quake Live. We are all playing OA occasionally but not as much as we used to do, because of some upcomming events in QL.
The players combined with the multigamming clan Operation Gamers 4Life and are playing now under the tag from this clan in ql. -> OG4L
In the next months there are also some nice events.

first one: 1on1 Bundesliga (german league) -> Duel
second one: ctf league Bring it back safely (Bibs) -> CTF
and some other intern cups or cups with friendly clans

We are also thinking about playing the aftershock leagues and the upcomming league or cups in openarena. (but not sure if we have enough members to play this)

In the future we will get a new homepage sponsored by OG4L and their members.
We will see if we change the homepage.

In July there is the supeR,Lan party and i hope a lot of us will come to this event.
STALKER, Jonas and me (Silver) are comming for sure to this event :D (maybe we will bring some friends from ql with us :) )

when i forgot something, pls write somthing in the commands
I'm very bored at the moment.. thats why i wrote this xDD or because i am a bit drunken idk ;))

greattings pi.Admins

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12 Fleesexalk   [Entry]
I really like your forum here. So I decided to be a part of it :)

And here I am saying HELLO EVERYBODY!! :D

11 Gastintactciz   [Entry]
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10 attactstugs   [Entry]
what is the salary of a pharmacy tech vnais pharmacy

9 proti   [Entry]
"and he left the clan or better when i say he stopped playing oa"

Oh, really ?


Ye, thanks and i look forward to play some AS together :--)

8 Silver   [Entry]
first sry proti
i will correct it
second one
kilvio was oxyd and he left the clan or better when i say he stopped playing oa smile

and i hope i can play as when i have my new pc biggrin
cu there

7 Jonas   [Entry]
Hey proti, i like the aftershock server more than all the others. I hit much more there as on super ctf, its strange but.. i enjoy this^^
If there will be an aftershock league we will join it and gonna kick some asses there for sure, together with u:)

6 proti   [Entry]
@ fakeman

I am playing OA, however only AfterShock mod, after I tasted AS, I can never go back to 'normal' oa. It's impossible.

If you like CA a little, then join some RN Aftershock server and if youre lucky we can play together a couple of games.

5 proti   [Entry]

See, I am really nicely active and gain this clan honor imo x_)

4 proti   [Entry]
A question ??

Oxyd left the clan ? I can't see him on memberlist ..


Why am I in inactive members column ? I am quite enough active these times ---: AfterShock is everything I play though, but I represent clan in there. AND I dont plan to start playing QL in near future.


Isn't Kilvio someone else than Oxyd ? But both from Belgium.. or I got it wrong ?

Thanks and regs

3 fakeman   [Entry]
fake's ql account expired sad
And why dont i see any of you on oa???
Im lonely sad im stuck playing ctf, which sucks i might add with instagib

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