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Hello world of quake,

we got new good news for u :)

We say welcome to our new members pi.geroj_cze and pi.mOnster

1. geroj_cze is the bro from our new co.leader from openarena-squad protii and an aimbot machine like is big bro :DD
he is in our clan since 2 moths but i had no time to write a news for him --> so big srry and a warm welcome from me :D

2. our second new member is mOnster.
also for u a big and warm welcome in our clan. i hope u will fragg like u spam hehe :)

greattings pi.Silv3r


Views: 10043 | Added by: Silver | Date: 2011-05-18 | Comments (6)

hey jo,

OpenArena Super, LAN !!

its time to add and register on this webside :D
i hope some of us will come to this event !!

first openarena super lan party in blotzheim (in french and near germany, swizerland) 
bring your own computer and play some nice games !!

i think i will come :D

ps. our friends from quake live can also come to this event ;)

OpenArena Cup:

i will register our clan there :) -> webside

Views: 2098 | Added by: Silver | Date: 2011-03-11 | Comments (0)

Hey all,

i played Quake Live last week more often than the last 2 months and a lot of people asked me what happened to the Endless.Clan.
I will tell u what is going on and what has changed in the last two months.

First of all Oxyd/Sonic/Kilvio stopped playing openarena and and is now playing Quake Live in OG4L, our clan in Quake Live.
The same happend to most of our players in Endless Clan. Most of them stopped playing OA and are now playing Quake Live. We are all playing OA occasionally but not as much as we used to do, because of some upcomming events in QL.
The players combined with the multigamming clan Operation Gamers 4Life and are playing now under the tag from this clan in ql. -> OG4L
In the next months there are also some nice events.

first one: 1on1 Bundesliga (german league) -> Duel
second one: ctf league Bring it back safely (Bibs) -> CTF
and some other intern cups or cups with friendly clans

We are also thinking about playing the aftershock leagues and the upcomming league or cups in openarena. (but not sure if we have enough members to play this)

In the future we will get a new homepage sponsored by OG4L and their members.
We will see if we change the homepage.

In July there is the supeR,Lan party and i hope a lot of us will come to this event.
STALKER, Jonas and me (Silver) are comming for sure to this event :D (maybe we will bring some friends from ql with us :) )

when i forgot something, pls write somthing in the commands
I'm very bored at the moment.. thats why i wrote this xDD or because i am a bit drunken idk ;))

greattings pi.Admins

Views: 6730 | Added by: Silver | Date: 2011-01-29 | Comments (12)

Hi all :),
We have a new thing for you mates and the openarena mates..

It`s a pleasure for us to annouce that our clan will combine with the multigamming clan OG4L. We were still known under Endless.Clan (pi).

We will use the teamseak from OG4L (details in the forum) and can play in QL for their clan or in other games like (CSS, C&C, CoD etc...). Thats the only new thing for u (nothing cahnge them), all the other good things we will get from them in the future or u will see it when we use it a few weeks. The next is that we will maybe get a new webside or have then 2 were u can switch beteen this one and the old one. 

The reason for the combine was mainly the people here, but also the flourishing partnership between Silv3r and OG4L*ShowTEK*eric and to consolidate infrastructure and experiece for the benefit of both sides. Our goal is to refine our play and succeed in the leagues also in the name of OG4L.

U all know that this clan is in the moment more a german multigamming clan to be constituted of 10 other clans in differnet gametypes. In January it will be a international clan with international squads.

I hope we will get a nice time with them and hf in teamspeak.
When u have question, u can ask Silv3r :D

greattings pi.Admins

Operation GamerS 4 Life

their webside: ..

Views: 1672 | Added by: Silver | Date: 2010-11-16 | Comments (0)

hey mates,

check this for the results against crew and evil and *SOS*:

crew:  -> next round against Evil

evil:  --> next round against GaNja or GoD*r
sos:  --> next round against supeR,Bots on Thursday 11.11 @ 21.00

--> nice we are in all 3 gametypes in the next round and maybe also in instantgib (oaN -> LoL very hard)

greattings Silv3r

Views: 1644 | Added by: Silver | Date: 2010-10-26 | Comments (0)

hello world,

hehe we want to say welcome to our new member     pi.Oxyd
Hello and a warm welcome to our funny familie :D

After a long way over a few clans he found the way back to a few members from this clan.
He was some weeks in the old H4L.Clan, like most of the other members ;) and
we hope u find now your right clan and have fun in it :)

greattings pi.Silv3r and pi.Clan



Views: 1656 | Added by: Silver | Date: 2010-10-13 | Comments (1)

Hey hey,

long time ago that i wrote news, so it is now a suprise xD
Endless.Clan present his (new) member ;)
He was in our old clan ^H4L like most of the others but he did also a break and is now back and i hope he plays more than in the past for our clan

welcome back pi.Fana

i hope u will enjoy our new side and have nice matches with us and fun in mumble and in the game
wb Silv3r

greattings Endless.clan

Views: 1559 | Added by: Silver | Date: 2010-09-30 | Comments (0)

hello world,

my last good info for u before i have my holiday ;D
i am very proud to present our newest member pi.aLsteR
Hello and a warm welcome to our funny clan :D

Hellllllllllllllloooooooooooooooooooooo !! xD

greattings pi.Silv3r and pi.Clan

Views: 1619 | Added by: Silver | Date: 2010-08-14 | Comments (6)

Hey all,

i want to invite all Endless.members to our Practicies every Sunday evening !!
In the last two months we train every Sunday afternoon unofficial now it is official

Every  SUNDAY @ 20:00 (CET)  on our server Endless.ctf

we are also in mumble (more infos about that in our intern forum)
mostly we have some trainings matches on this date against some friendly clans ([CZ], Crew/)
and some times we have an international conferenze with the clan [CZ] in mumble  :D :D


Views: 1767 | Added by: Silver | Date: 2010-08-08 | Comments (5)

Hey mates,

i have a new good info for u,
He is also an old member from us and he is also one of the best in this what he do
he is THE best defragger i saw in my openarena live and so iam proud to say that he is back in our clan

i tought he did a brake from openarena, but we all know he cant do it :)
welcome back in our funny clan


Man iam very happy that u are back and i realy supriesed that u are back

greattings Silv3r and pi.Clan

Views: 2385 | Added by: Silver | Date: 2010-08-01 | Comments (7)

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